RECYCLING (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass (separate bins for each)) - Every weekend (Saturday and Sunday)
     Kingwood Park N Ride lot
     all day

ELECTRONIC RECYCLING (t.v.'s, computers, radios, clocks, etc.) - First Saturday of every month
     Kingwood Park N Ride lot
     9am - 3pm


If you have received a Waste Management Sticker please note that these were sent out in error by Waste Management and are not any good. Waste Management will not provide service to your village after December 31, 2018. Your new trash service is Best Trash and you will need to set up your trash pickup with them. Please make sure if you previously had Waste Management debit your account that you have closed this service with them. In addition, please check that Waste Management has not already debited your account and if this has occurred you need to request an immediate refund.

Again, BEST TRASH is your new trash company and you must set up service with them. Your first pickup will be Friday, January 4th.

WASTE MANAGEMENT recently updated their sticker program informational sheets. They are currently running audits of non-paying customers and plan to send communication out to homeowners that have not set up a WM account. In addition, their drivers are making sure that homeowners have stickers before servicing. In the past they’ve done random audits, but there is a push for no sticker then no service. If you have not received the sticker in a timely manner, please call immediately to report it. View details on how it works.

Important Reminders:

  • BACK DOOR pickup for trash
  • Trash cans should not be stored in the driveway or any area visible from the street on non-trash days
  • Residents may place yard trimmings they clip at the curb, in biodegradable containers (not plastic bags), only on the morning of trash pickup (not over the weekend before trash pickup
  • Contractors CANNOT place yard trimmings at the curb, all contractors are required to haul off their own trimmings
posted 8/6/2014

New Waste Management Website for Bear Branch
(posted 3/27/18) 
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