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If you have received a Waste Management Sticker please note that these were sent out in error by Waste Management and are not any good. Waste Management will not provide service to your village after December 31, 2018. Your new trash service is Best Trash and you will need to set up your trash pickup with them. Please make sure if you previously had Waste Management debit your account that you have closed this service with them. In addition, please check that Waste Management has not already debited your account and if this has occurred you need to request an immediate refund.

Again, BEST TRASH is your new trash company and you must set up service with them. Your first pickup will be Friday, January 4th.


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Upcoming Events:
  • In observance of Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22nd will be a holiday. Collection service will occur on your next regularly scheduled collection service day.






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